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Getting around the Shell Aviation and AeroShell Store
First, when you order an item the system will advise you if there are not enough in stock to fulfill your order. This will allow you the option to back order or choose something else. Second, once you've placed an order and filled in all the Profile information, the system will retain that information and bring it back up for you so you don't have to complete it every time you place an order. Please be aware that shipping charges will be added to your order.
Inventory Keyword Search
With a search facility designed especially for Shell Aviation and AeroShell Store, you can define your search to suit your needs. Choose to search the item description or stock number of the whole Shell Aviation and AeroShell Store inventory.
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Shell Aviation and AeroShell Store Webmaster
If you have any problems with the Shell Aviation and AeroShell Store web site, please feel free to contact Judy Lin.


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